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Employ an Apprentice

MPS is an honour winning association that assists business people with building up the future ability of their business today, through imaginative, advanced and business apprenticeships. Truth be told, the organisation was begun by our organiser and one disciple, so we know directly that apprenticeships are useful for business. .
How do we do what we do?

- We do recruitment; we market and recruit against your brief, collating applications, screen candidates, organise interviews
-Advice on government grants and free training
-Help you develop an apprenticeship programme for existing staff
-Help those who need it to recoup or transfer their Apprenticeship Levy
-Help you achieve your staff diversity targets
-Provide apprenticeship training and ongoing support.

We're Proud that:

99% of apprentices have passed their end-point assessment
95% of employers love what we do
90% of apprentices move into employment
72% of apprentices achieve Distinctions and Merits
50% of apprentices are from diverse backgrounds, compared to a national average of 11%