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What is a Pre-Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are positions of paid work in a company including training provided by the employer, typically leading to a formal qualification or title. They are provided in different forms across a variety of countries.
Pre-apprenticeships’ are programmes which precede an apprenticeship, and provide foundation skills required to help with a full apprenticeship. They may be school or vocational based (or a mix of the two). In some cases, pre-apprenticeship programmes are specifically designed to aid the transition to, and completion of, a full apprenticeship. In other cases, they take the form of lower level qualifications, which may help transition or completion, but where these are not specific programme objectives.
Why should I do a pre-apprenticeship?

One significant favourable position of directing a pre-apprenticeship is that you are adequately finishing the main phase of the apprenticeship study. Not exclusively will this save time off your auxiliary investigation, however it will likewise give you a head start on the business, allowing you a serious edge with regards to discovering work. This will mean less time in the study hall and more opportunity for them to give you reasonable errands that will really add to the business activities.

Is this the course for you?

If you're age is 16-24 and don't yet have the appropriate skills or experience for work or an Apprenticeship, then our Pre-Apprenticeships can provide the essential work preparation training, English and maths skills, and work experience you need to secure an official Apprenticeship or rewarding employment. Pre-Apprenticeships are short courses that offer a fast-track to your chosen career. They are a stepping stone to apprenticeships and prepare you for work by giving you the skills and experience needed in your chosen industry in just three months.

f you're motivated to get a job but lack the skills and experience that employers are looking for, or have been unsuccessful when applying for an apprenticeship or other position due to a lack of skills and experience, a Pre-Apprenticeship could be the perfect course for you.
You will develop your knowledge, understanding, and skills in areas such as:
Work experience
Personal development
Employability skills
No formal qualifications required
Additional Information: You will have an initial assessment in English and maths
How will you be assessed?
You will be assessed during class hours and will create a portfolio of work.
Where can this course take you?
Successfully completing a Pre-Apprenticeship could lead to a full Apprenticeship, a number of vocational programmes, or employment in an industry you're interested in.